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The High School for Girls Potchefstroom

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Welcome to the High School for Girls Potchefstroom

Since 1905, The High School for Girls Potchefstroom has encouraged girls to follow their dreams by offering opportunities for life. Educating girls is a great responsibility and privilege. Our mission is to ensure that every girl becomes the best that she can be. Stories of individual challenge, persistence and achievement are testimony to the philosophy of Girls High and I am extremely proud to be the Headmistress here.

Mrs Eliza Meyer – Headmistress

Choosing a high school is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make. The school environment and the standard of education will impact greatly on your daughter’s future and who she will become. During her high school years, a significant transformation takes place as a girl becomes a young woman. As your daughter emerges from Primary School, full of promise and enthusiasm, her talents and individual qualities are expanding and her character is beginning to flourish. Above all, you will want her to remain free from harm in a happy environment where she is able to discover all that is best within her. We aim to create an exceptional education for girls that is respected and admired by others, but ultimately will make a real difference to your daughter’s life.

At Girls High we offer the very best educational experience for girls and we are proud of our academic record. This is the result of hard work by our girls and dedicated educators. We believe that Girls High is a wonderful place in which to learn and that under the right conditions, every girl can achieve extraordinary things. We recognise that every girl is different and we make sure that she is the best she can be. Our girls are inspired to achieve their goals and every effort is made to encourage them to take advantage of the opportunities available to them, in both the classroom or in the wide range of extra-mural activities on offer.

If you are a parent of a daughter currently at our school, we thank you for entrusting us with that job. If you’re an “Old Girl”, we encourage you to stay in touch, we’d love to hear from you. If you are considering sending your daughter to Girls High School, please come and see the school for yourself, meet our girls and staff and talk to me about my vision for the school. I look forward to your visit and warmly welcome you to become part of the Girls High Family, where we all work together to encourage and celebrate the many achievements of Potch Girls High’s learners and educators.

Why an all girls school?

As a parent, one of your most important duties is helping your daughter prepare for the future, and her education is a key factor. While your daughter’s goals may not yet be clear to her, you already know that her happiness and success begins with decisions you make today. Her time is now.

That is why we encourage you to consider sending your daughter to the High School for Girls Potchefstroom. Our high academic learning environment is designed to make our young women the centre of learning, leadership, growth and endless opportunity.

At Potch Girls High, each young woman will have the opportunity to develop and grow spiritually, intellectually and socially. Girl’s High girls are allowed to find their voices in the absence of adolescent boys, whose learning styles and maturity levels are arguably different. Free of the pressures of competing for attention socially and academically, the girls are free to be themselves in the classroom, focus on their work and develop into strong leaders. Here, the peer pressure is positive.

Current research confirms our belief that within the structure of a single-sex school young women become better students and more confident about their abilities. Research shows that young women in all-girl schools have higher self-esteem, are more interested in non-traditional subjects such as science and math and are less likely to stereotype jobs and careers. They are generally intellectually curious, serious about their studies and overall achieve more. Single-gender activities many times serve to “inoculate” girls against some of the societal ailments that now threaten children and teenagers. Students in single-gender schools have fewer disciplinary problems and fewer unexcused absences. Students did just over an hour more homework per week and watched less television per weekday.

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