Being part of a sisterhood means never being alone


Being part of a sisterhood means never being alone


Being part of a sisterhood means never being alone

With 115 years of history, Girls High boasts a strong group of alumnae, known as “Old Girls”. The most important aspect of the activities of the Old Girls’ Association must be fellowship and friendship, which begins at school and is carried on throughout a lifetime. Beyond this, the association actively promotes networking.

  • To unite former pupils and engage in social and educational enterprises
  • To continue the legacy of philanthropy and the culture of caring
  • To encourage Old Girls to share their insights and expertise
  • To mentor younger “sisters”
  • To maintain and rekindle High School friendships and connections
  • To promote and maintain a lively interest in the affairs of the school and its well-being
  • To establish branches both locally and abroad
  • To facilitate reunions and social functions

Girls High rests firmly on the shoulders of those who have come before.


How To Get Involved

  • Keep in touch – make sure we have your contact details
  • Send your news and photos – we’d love to hear what you have been up to
  • Link up online – click here to join the Facebook page
  • Organise /Attend your Class Reunion – we are happy to assist
  • Support scholarships to Girls High – your contribution can make a difference
  • Share your resources – become a mentor for a younger Girls High Girl, offer work experience to current students, or network across various professions
  • Career advice – pass your knowledge and expertise to current students
  • Speak at a school event – if you have a topic of interest please let us know
  • Enrol your daughter!

We invite you to join us and help preserve the special character and remarkable heritage of our great school.

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